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Hex  & Helix

Helping wiccans feel beautiful every day

Hex & Helix Cosmetics is a skincare and cosmetics company started by a group of modern-day witches and Wiccans. The natural and organic skincare line is created with craft, love, and intent. We believe that natural doesn’t have to be boring. We use the finest ingredients to give you fun, fresh, vibrant products. Our products are handcrafted with love in small batches to ensure the highest quality. The ingredients are carefully selected to nourish your skin on multiple levels, so you can feel good about using them on your body. They are sourced from around the globe to ensure the finest quality. Every ingredient is on the list of approved ingredients for both Wiccans and Witches. Natural ingredients are often used in traditional Wiccan and Witchcraft recipes, but most were created with non-magical intent.

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Our Skincare

Helping customers be the best version of themselves with skincare products that are crafted completely from 100% Natural Products.

Our Makeup

Inspired by the Beauty of the witch within Hex & Helix has created formulas that are vegan and environmentally friendly.

Why choose Hex & Helix Cosmetics


Our Promise

Hex & Helix Cosmetics is dedicated to only creating the best of natural skincare, cosmetics, and decor to help cultivate your inner witch.

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Meet the Creator

Jalon Smith, Founder of Hex& Helix

"I started Hex & Helix Cosmetics with 3 goals in mind. One, Help the Wiccan community by providing them with natural cosmetics they can use. Two, Craft only Vegan and Natural products that every skin type could use. And Three, Stay transparent and never stray from my own roots. Hex & Helix Cosmetics is dedicated as a safe space for people like me who aren't thought about until it's the so-called spooky season. Here 'spooky season doesn't exist, it's just a way of life."

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Modern Witch Skincare Essentials

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