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Our Jewelry

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Creating jewelry that not only looks good but functions in our day-to-day is our passion. Each item is crafting with the thought that it will call to someone and connect with them on a different level.

 We only hope that our jewelry will inspire others and that within itself is an inspiration for us.


Our designers spend countless hours researching crystals, stones, and trends to create items that reflect our mission as a brand. Each designer loves to put their personal touch on classic staples and fuse them with new-age trends and styles.


We pride ourselves on our creative process which we have recently expanded into a thriving custom order serv


Why we chose Stainless Steel


Crystals & Stones

Every single crystal is hand-selected by our designers. The decision is made on the crystal's individual properties and compatible pairings. This process ensures we are crafting not only alluring pieces; but powerful companions for our customers.

We aim to educate our customers on the crystal or stone's properties and how to use them in their daily lives. This helps us promote our main goal in crafting each piece.


Wire Wrapping

Any of our pieces that feature wire wrapping is a tarnish-resistant hypoallergenic wire material for that style. All of our rings, except stated otherwise, are wire wrapped using this type of wire.

Our Necklaces, Earrings, and bracelets all feature stainless steel attributes.


Each gemstone and crystal is hand-selected after heavy inspections. We cut and set all of our products. We go through a 3-step process in which each of our team members inspects and reviews every stone and piece crafted. Only the most alluring items are allowed to reach our customers. 

Disclaimer: Just like every goddess; no two stones are alike. Color pigmentation will vary in stones. This is a natural occurrence among crystals and gemstones. We cannot guarantee the exact colors of the stones due to natural stone formations in their own element & environment.

How to care for your jewelry